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Smart Battery Technology: What Energy Automation Brings to Your Connected Home

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Major advancements in battery technology over the last 150 years have made modern residential energy storage possible. Many energy storage systems today are “smart,” meaning there is some level of communication between you and your home battery system. A basic example of this would be seeing how much runtime your battery has left through a mobile app.

Exploring the “smart” battery concept further, it’s also possible to use programmable logic controllers (PLC) to stabilize your battery’s performance and increase its longevity. sonnen is at the forefront of innovation in the intelligent battery space, leading the industry with our ecoLinx product line and integrations with trusted home automation platforms to enable revolutionary “energy automation” capabilities.

The sonnen ecoLinx allows tech-forward homeowners like you to take control of the energy in your home to the next level. With integration capability into popular home automation platforms like Control4 and Savant, energy automation with ecoLinx can protect and prepare your connected home for the next weather event or power outage.

Imagine this scenario:

A warning has been issued in the middle of summer. Your energy automation system, comprised of ecoLinx and your home automation platform, sends you a text that your home will start preparing for severe weather. Great! You can relax since your ecoLinx is charging up to back up your fridge and keep your food cold. No need to go shopping! Your energy automation system even knows to pre-cool your home so you can enjoy an indoor family movie.

Once the storm hits, you don’t even notice the power go out for your block. Your lights are on, fridge is cold, and connected devices are working as designed! Your high-performance A/V system is keeping the family entertained with a movie, and the inside temperature is pleasant since your energy automation system pre-cooled your home and lowered your motorized shades once you switched from grid power to battery backup.

As the storm is letting up, you get word that the outage might last through the night until your rooftop solar panels can start recharging your battery reserve or grid power returns. With one tap, you choose to keep only your fridge and security system powered once you go to bed. Now you can get some rest, knowing your intelligent ecoLinx will protect your home and family through the night.

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